Machine Learning Algorithms — Linear Regression in Hindi

Linear Regression in Hindi

  • Kisi X value ka liye y normally distributed hota hai. Dusre word me ye keh sakte hai ki data normally distributed hota h.
  • Variable x aur y linearly dependent hote hai.

Overfitting and Underfitting In Hindi

Advantages of Linear Regression — Hindi

  1. Jo data linearly separable Hote Hai Unke Saath ye achcha perform krta Hai.
  2. Hum linear regression model ko bahut easily train kr Skte hai.


  1. Inki performance outliers ke vajah se affect hoti hai.
  2. Isme feature scaling ki jyada jaroorat padti.
  3. Linear regression model me overfitting jyada hoti Hai.
  4. Agar dependent aur independent variable me correlation hote hai to model achcha perform nahi krta Hai.

How to measure the performance of Linear Regression model in Hindi

Mean Square error

Root Mean Square Error



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